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    1. Intros 👋

    1. What is Software As A Service (SaaS)?

    2. Brief History Of Customer Success

    3. Part 4: What Does SaaS Have To Do With CS?

    4. Part 5: How The Maturity Of A Company Will Influence CS

    5. Part 6: SaaS Customer Lifecycle

    6. Part 7: How To Measure The Success of Customer Success

    7. Part 8: What Does Customer Success Do?

    8. Part 9: Different Roles And Their Responsibilities In Customer Success + Tools Used

    1. Implementation

    2. Quarterly Business Reviews / Executive Business Reviews

    3. Client Check In Calls

    4. Success Plans

    5. Health Scores

    6. Customer Success Lifecycle Management

    7. Playbooks

    8. Commercials: Renewals & Expansions (Upsell/Cross-Sell)

    1. The Importance Of CS Working With Other Teams

    2. CS & Sales

    3. CS & Customer Support

    4. CS & Product / Engineering Product Design (EPD)

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Get to the next level in your career.

This course goes way beyond theories – learn the actionable insights to get you closer to your outcomes.

  • Gain Confidence In Your Job

    Dive deep into the core principles of customer success, from understanding the SaaS model to developing impactful customer relationships. Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to navigate your role with assurance and effectiveness.

  • Elevate Your Career

    Whether you're aiming for a promotion, seeking a raise, or aspiring to take on more significant challenges, this course lays the groundwork for your advancement. Learn to leverage your newfound expertise to stand out in your current role or explore new opportunities with confidence.

  • Open Doors to New Possibilities

    For those on the brink of their customer success career, this course is a stepping stone to your dream job. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to succeed, from onboarding and engagement strategies to learning about managing renewals and expansions, positioning you as a prime candidate in the job market (even if you don't have direct experience).

Meet your teacher

Diana De Jesus


Diana De Jesus is the founder of The Customer Success Project. With over 10 years in the tech space, she is an award-winning Customer Success Leader who's been featured in publications like Forbes and Business Insider. She has a strong online presence, sharing her knowledge and the importance of Customer Success in business. Driven by her commitment to professional development, she has helped hundreds of customer success professionals through her content, coaching, and training. Her goal is to help Customer Success professionals #upskill and level up in their careers.

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“This lightning course was on par with the other certification I received. AND the extra goodies given in the follow up email were the cherry on top. I feel confident growing my knowledge of CS with Diana as I try to get a position in the role.”

William S.

“I especially appreciate how well organized the course was. It covered a lot of material in great detail and it's also a fantastic jumping off point to more learning. Thank you for providing your recommended resources in the email recap. I expect I will be crediting you and this course when I land my next great job! Thank you.”

Michele D.

“Thank you for all the information. It was the right amount of information.”

Mirna M.

“Loved this! I felt it was super informative! ”

Lindsay O.

“This was great! The slides that detailed typical cross-functional relationships (Support x Success, Product x Success, Mktg x Success, etc) were particularly helpful to me as someone who works in a start-up and the lines can get blurred really quickly... Overall the course was well planned out and Diana kept things interesting.”

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