Do any of these sound like you?

  • You want to transition to Customer Success but you're not sure where to start and feel overwhelmed

  • You're applying to Customer Success jobs but you're getting rejection after rejection and don't know what you're doing wrong

  • You're looking to take the next step in your career and just need help packaging your skills and experience in a CS way

What you'll get out of this course

  • Learn the basics

    To get the job, we need to arm ourselves with knowledge! Understand what is software as a service (SaaS), the basics of Customer Success, the types of Customer Success roles and responsibilities, and how you'll work with other teams.

  • Stand out from the crowd

    Go beyond the boring cover letter and resume and make yourself stand out from the sea of candidates through exclusive templates to DIY your resume, write a stellar cover letter and additional projects to wow any hiring manager!

  • Nail the interview

    Learn how to answer Customer Success interview questions (even if you don't have the experience), and get access to resources such as a question bank, interview prep template, and presentation template. Plus salary negotiation techniques.

What's in this course?

There's more to landing a Customer Success job than a polished resume and a good response to "tell me about yourself."

To start, there's a massive upfront learning curve if you're transitioning to Customer Success (especially if you're coming from a field outside of tech), and the interviews themselves can be a bit of a mystery box. 

After helping hundreds of individuals land 6-figure Customer Success jobs through my guide, content, and one-on-one session, I've created this easy-to-navigate course built on a new framework I've developed called L.A.N.D. here's a quick overview: 

Learn - Understand the basics of CS, SaaS, different CS roles, companies, job responsibilities, where to apply, and more.  

Align - Design a job search strategy that frames your skills, experience, and expertise in a way that positions you as a promising CS candidate. 

Network - Ditch the spray-and-pray method and increase your chances of success by meeting the right people. 

Due Diligence - Stand out from the crowd with your interviewing skills, build stellar presentations, and negotiate your salary.

If you’re ready to grow in your career, leave behind the rejections and land a CS job, this course is for you.

What's included in the course

  • Skills Transfer Worksheet

  • Task/Presentation Template

  • Resume Sample

  • Cover Letter Sample

  • Customer Success Interview Question Bank

  • Interview Prep Worksheet

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to The Ultimate Course on Landing a Customer Success Job!

    2. Get to know your instructor 👋

    3. L.A.N.D. Framework overview

    1. Read this before you start 👀 PLUS a more extensive resource

    2. Customer Success 101: Learn The Fundamentals of Customer Success From Start to Finish | PART 1

    3. Customer Success 101: Learn The Fundamentals of Customer Success From Start to Finish | PART 2

    1. Align overview

    1. What is a job search strategy?

    2. Customer Success Skills Transfer Sheet Worksheet Template

    3. Customer Success Skills Transfer Worksheet 150 CS Job Responsibilities

    4. Customer Success Skills Transfer Worksheet - Examples

    5. Customer Success Skills Transfer Worksheet - Skills prep

    6. Dealing with lack of experience and/or education

    7. Finding job posts to form your job search strategy

    1. The importance of a resume

    2. What makes a resume, bad?

    3. Turning a bad resume into a good resume

    4. Resume Checklist

    5. Good Resume Template

    6. Gaining more skills/experience

    1. RESOURCE: Customer Success Terms (In Plain English)

About this course

  • $119.00
  • 3 hours of video content

What others are saying

“I stumbled upon Diana's Tiktok channel one night and it changed my entire career trajectory as a single mom. I became obsessed with learning everything that I could about Customer Success and immediately purchased her guide. That guide helped me land my first remote Customer Success Manager role in less than 30 days! I went from being an insurance agent to working for one of the largest Insurtech companies in the country. I nearly doubled my income and found a fulfilling career - all thanks to Diana's content. Forever grateful!”

Jennifer N.

“Diana, I just received word that I got the Associate Customer Success role. I am so excited and I can't thank you enough for your support. The presentation and panel went well and I am thankful for your encouragement and feedback. Thanks again, I can't wait to start my journey in Tech in Customer Success.”

B. White

“...You helped me with my presentation for a job interview. I wanted to let you know I GOT THE JOB!! I really appreciate the insights you gave me!"”

K. Miller

“i loved it ! this course will help all of the people that we are currently looking to transition into CSM. no longer feel alone and at the same time it was a way for me to measure my knowledge in the industry which safe to say it is not bad! keep the great job you're doing you'll be so big in this industry ❤️I love what you’re doing for this community you’ve built!”

A. Melen


Learn from Diana

Diana De Jesus


Diana De Jesus is the founder of The Customer Success Project. With over 10 years in the tech space, she is an award-winning Customer Success Leader who's been featured in publications like Forbes and Business Insider. She has a strong online presence, sharing her knowledge and the importance of Customer Success in business. Driven by her commitment to professional development, she has helped hundreds of customer success professionals through her content, coaching, and training. Her goal is to help Customer Success professionals #upskill and level up in their careers.

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